Sunday, September 3, 2017

DomCon New Orleans October 5-9th; New Photos

 I am happy to announce I am once again a Guest of Honor at DomCon. Joining Me will be a few of My Dungeon Sisters and some of My slaves.  I will be accepting sessions, and double sessions with King Lexa, Goddess Sonia, Mistress Jenna Jones,  and a few others tba. I'll be attending many of the DomCon events and therefore will have limited availability for sessions Thursday morning October 5th, through the morning of the 9th. I visit New Orleans once or twice a year, so I ask that you as the submissive apply to serve in advance as to accommodate My busy schedule and do not miss a rare opportunity to serve Me. Applying is best accomplished by writing Me an email, filling out My application, or calling to schedule that week. Visit My website for more details.

(404)-825-5106, or




Goddess Sonia

King Lexa
King Lexa

Goddess Sonia
King Lexa
Mistress Jenna Jones

Mistress Jenna Jones
Mistress Jenna Jones

Goddess Sonia

Mistress Ultra Violet & Mistress Jenna Jones

Monday, May 15, 2017

Travel Update; DomConLA Double Sessions Available!

Update to My trip to Los Angeles and DomCon! I will be joined by Mistress Marah and Lady Lila Stern. Lady Lila Stern and I will be offering double sessions at Dungeon West or Dungeon East. I will also be offering double sessions with Mistress Marah. She is an Atlanta Dungeon Sister and will be in town for DomCon only, the 18th-  21st. We'll be looking forward to your call...



Friday, May 5, 2017

Worship My Newest Photos, Serve Me at DomCon LA 2017
I'm excited to announce I will be attending DomCon LA as a Guest of Honor. I will be conducting sessions while in Los Angeles May 17th- 23rd. During My busy schedule I suggest you contact Me for same day session by phone or schedule in advance via email. The best way to schedule a session is to briefly discuss your limits and interests, and give your preferred date, time, duration of session.
Enjoy My newest photos by Goblin Fruit Photography, featuring Mistress Ayn!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cincinnati February 23rd - 27th!

My first trip of the year will begin with Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm looking forward to returning and seeing some of My slaves!
If you wish to schedule I suggest you contact Me immediately. Novices, as well as experienced submissives, slaves, fetishists, and sluts are welcome to serve.
I prefer email contact including your interests and limits. An application is available on My website.   
I also allow brief conversations to schedule by phone. 

Schedule Now! I have limited availability during My short stay in Cincinnati. 

Call or Email Me to schedule,
No texts will be answered.