Monday, May 15, 2017

Travel Update; DomConLA Double Sessions Available!

Update to My trip to Los Angeles and DomCon! I will be joined by Mistress Marah and Lady Lila Stern. Lady Lila Stern and I will be offering double sessions at Dungeon West or Dungeon East. I will also be offering double sessions with Mistress Marah. She is an Atlanta Dungeon Sister and will be in town for DomCon only, the 18th-  21st. We'll be looking forward to your call...



Friday, May 5, 2017

Worship My Newest Photos, Serve Me at DomCon LA 2017
I'm excited to announce I will be attending DomCon LA as a Guest of Honor. I will be conducting sessions while in Los Angeles May 17th- 23rd. During My busy schedule I suggest you contact Me for same day session by phone or schedule in advance via email. The best way to schedule a session is to briefly discuss your limits and interests, and give your preferred date, time, duration of session.
Enjoy My newest photos by Goblin Fruit Photography, featuring Mistress Ayn!