Thursday, June 4, 2015

Upcoming London Tour, Latest Photos, And My Newest Protégé

Atlanta, My schedule has just been booked for the month of June. I will be leaving for London on June 4th and returning on the 23rd, making My first availability the 24th.
I will be conducting sessions June 10th - 23rd at the infamous Dungeon space Murder Mile as well as various spaces within the city of London. I will also be filming with English Mansion.
Bookings may be made by email at this time, and I will be requiring a deposit.

UK Number: 447437491257

While I am away I will be leaving the session needs of My slaves in the hands of My protégé Mistress Narcissa.

Mistress Narcissa
(470) 428-1014

Use this opportunity to become one of the many in chastity for Me, or session with Mistress Narcissa. She has been strictly trained by Yours truly and is quite capable of dominating you while I am away. I hope to have you all lined up at the door awaiting My return but I understand the need to submit is a calling that needs to be answered. When picking another Domme of Atlanta Dungeon I have made your choice. I'd love to discuss My trip and schedule sessions in advance for the moment I return!

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