Thursday, July 21, 2016

Back on Tour; Cincinnati August 2nd through 6th!

After another great trip to Louisville Kentucky, I'm leaving Atlanta and getting back on the road.  August 2nd through 6th I will be offering sessions in Cincinnati. If you wish to schedule I suggest you contact Me immediately. Novices, as well as experienced submissives, slaves, fetishists, and sluts are welcome to serve.
Schedule Now! I have limited availability during My visit to Cincinnati. 

Call or Email Me to schedule,
No texts will be answered.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summer Tour Update; Louisville Kentucky July 12th- 17th and New Review!

I'm excited to return to Louisville Kentucky July 12th- 17th. I have limited availability for sessions so I suggest booking in advance. Refer to My website on details on My expertise and interests. I will be bringing plenty of equipment and toys and expect to put them to use on both new and experienced submissives in Louisville.
 The best way to book a session is by email, or call 404-825-5106.
Please understand I do not accept texts and if I do not answer I am most likely in a session already.
I've also just received some new reviews on both Max Fisch's The Hang and Domina.Ms' The Buzz. 
"Booked a 2 hour double session with Mistress Ultraviolet and her submissive Miss Ria Rocket. I have many years of informal experience in some BDSM, but this was the first time for a session. I requested a shared submission session, with emphasis on my foot fetish. The initial contact was professional and easy, with email exchange to book, and a brief phone call on day of for directions, with another on arrival. A personal greeting at the door with both of them. They are both stunning and warm, and the atmosphere immediately calmed my nerves and put my mind at ease.

UV ordered me to the back to strip, and when I returned Ria was in scene and on her knees. UV quickly covered a few details, and it was on. I was ordered in the same position beside Ria, and UV explained that we would both be thoroughly trained in foot worship. UV stood, and we were ordered to begin kissing her shoes, and with our faces against the floor we took to our task.

Soon I had my first infraction for using too much tongue on her shoes. I was put on the bench, and UV wore my ass out with a heavy yardstick. It was more painful than I expected, and I already knew my ass was in for a long afternoon. Ria took a turn, and she stung me, too. But she missed with a lick, and that put her on the bench. I was placed on my knees right behind her, with my face about 2 feet from her ass. UV stung her ass with the hard ruler, and I was mildly surprised that she was hitting her pretty hard for this early. UV handed me the ruler and ordered me to spank her as well, giving her 10 and making her count them off. Then we swapped again, and Ria was ordered to give me 10 more while I counted.

I was kept on the bench, and Ria took a position on a stool in front of me. She was instructed to present her foot, and I kissed her shoe thoroughly. I was ordered to remove her shoe and kiss her toes, and was quickly reprimanded for sucking on them (and Ria gave me up). I was instructed to stare down at Ria’s feet while UV punished me, and things definitely got a little heavier. I didn’t see it, but I could tell this was a heavy wooden paddle, and UV had me squirming on the bench. I was allowed to get back to the task of kissing Ria’s toes, and soon had both shoes off. I was commanded to kiss the bottoms of her feet thoroughly, and then start licking her feet. I didn’t do that in a timely manner for Mistress, and she took the paddle to my ass again. This one was worse, and I was close to speaking my stage one safe word, but made it. This paddling took me somewhere else; it was painful, and personal, and remarkable. I remember thinking at that moment, that I was hooked. Being taken to that level at their hands, was a high that was more than I expected.

UV stood, and we were forced to remove her shoes and kiss her from her ankles to her ass. Ria went too fast, and she was benched again, and paddled by both of us. This was a heavy paddle, and clear why I still felt its effect on my ass. Ria took her licks well, vocal, but she doesn’t flinch much. UV kept us working on her legs and ass for a while, I got my first taste of her toes, and we both got a dose of a strap. I was then put on the cross, with my wrists secured. UV caned me, hard, and again I fought the urge to utter the word. Physically drained after the cane, I heard UV order Ria in place behind me, close, and she wrapped her arms around my waist. UV caned her, Ria screamed and squirmed with her body against mine – wow. And she released, and apologized to her Mistress for doing so without permission.

I was taken down, and Ria took her place on the cross, facing it with her legs spread a little. I was laid on the ground, face down, with my head between her bare feet. I was instructed to work on her feet and toes, one foot at a time, back and forth. I was all over this, heavy, and Ria laughed a little when it tickled. That cost her another spanking with a leather paddle, and I got a turn on giving her a few, and then back in place. This scenario went on for a while, and while I soaked her toes, UV continued to spank her, and also slipped her bare foot under me from time to time and stroked me with her toes. I was pretty content to stay there for a while, but eventually UV took a seat on a stool, and forced me to work on her feet while she took Ria over her lap for a long hand spanking.

I was finally laid on my back for some relaxation. UV rubbed her feet all over my face and stuffed her toes in my mouth, while I played with Ria’s foot, and was ordered to play with myself with the other hand. UV made it clear that I had to wait for her instruction, and when she gave it I still had to ask permission at the right moment. It didn’t take too long, I asked for permission, she granted it, and I released with her toes in my mouth.

In summary – these two are amazing. Pictures don’t really do them justice – beautiful bodies. Mistress Ultraviolet is masterful, and was in total control of my emotions and body. Miss Ria is completely immersed in her role, and very deep. And the way these two play with each other was fun to watch and participate in. Looking back, much of the session seems a blur now, with so much anticipation in the way. I can’t wait to repeat, and look forward to seeing both of them again.

For some additional specifics … Mistress asked me about marking, and that was clear, and she handled it perfectly. My ass stayed pretty sore for about 2 days, and the bruises lasted for 7-8 days. For those that might also enjoy foot worship, they are both very nice. UV seems to be about a size 7, they are narrow and very soft. She seemed to genuinely enjoy it. Ria is very petite, her ankles are thin and her feet are small, guessing a 5.5, but they have that little extra width that is so sexy. Very sexy toes. She seemed to get into it a little more as the session progressed." -
steve, June 2016

"Okay, boys and girls,

Fooling Around Time is over. (Unless you want to keep fooling around, poor fool.)

So… you will enter Her presence, and you might have rehearsed your normal ,” I-like-a-lot-of-this-and-a-little-of-that-but-not-so-much-of-this-and-none-of-that-please,” but knocked-stupid by the pale and furious fire of Her beauty, you will forget all that. Her stranger-than-human eyes will already be stripping you down and all you’ll want to say is “Just have your way with me. Whatever You want. Please.” And you will mean it.

Still, She’ll ask poor you about your limits, and mention some safety words, and maybe you’ll imagine that, in a pinch, you’ll use them, but a few minute later, when She has you bare, and slithering, and stripped of your bullshit, you will prefer to give up your last remaining claim to humanity rather than use those silly, ignominious words. You will end up on your knees, whimpering and begging, but you won’t use those words – you’ll be praying for more. And She might give you more, or She might not, but She won’t reply. Because when did a Goddess ever answer a prayer with words?

And as this Being of so much more than human beauty has Her way with you, it will come over you that what She’s doing to you is exactly why you started down your perv path in the first place. You’ll wonder how you’ve wasted your entire life until this moment. And you’ll desperately ponder how you’re going to live the rest of it without spending your every remaining moment of life in Her presence. And if you ponder that aloud, She might let out a little laugh, or, like a Goddess, She might just give you the gift of silence. Because She’s beyond words, occupied with using you to get what She wants. Or maybe she doesn’t want anything from you. You will try to understand, but it’s beyond understanding.

And because She’s so fucking beautiful, and so fucking real, there will come a point where your poor body will just give it up between the pain and pleasure that She’s bestowing on you, and you will start to shake out of control, and at that point, you’ll know you’re Hers, whatever She is. And wherever She descended from and took on more-than-perfect human form. And you will wonder about that, as well. And wonder.

But the answer will elude you, even as She reveals more and more of Her Goddess beauty. You will realize that She’s Venus playing with a troll (no matter how good-looking you might have thought you were before you entered Her presence). And She will gaze down upon the out-of-this-world mix of pain an ecstasy she’s giving you with utter, Olympian indifference, except to issue a little two word command to get you back in line. And you will do it, shaking as you are, without hesitation.

I won’t lower the tone of this paean to Her by going into blow-by-blow specifics – that was our mystery, and yours will be yours. I’ll only say that I flew 900 miles to see Her. Now I would crawl twice that distance. Happily. Go to Atlanta by whatever means you have. If you know what’s good for you.

I knew a great artist once who told me that, as a child in church, he’d lurk behind a pillar near the statue of the Virgin, getting crazy, murderous jealous of the people worshiping Her. And that’s exactly how I feel. And so, motherfuckers, my brothers and sisters, I’m only sharing this because the Mistress told me it would please Her. And every word is from the bottom of my soul, because you know what Goddesses do to mortals they catch in a lie."-
slave c, June 2016