Friday, June 17, 2016

Read My Newest Review and Worship My Photos!
 Another great photo series by photographer Goblin Fruit! I've just received a new review from a session in June on The Erotic Review, Mistress Review, and The Buzz. 

"This review covers my first of hopefully many sessions with the beautiful, talented and fascinating Mistress Ultra Violet of Atlanta Dungeon, provided that She allows me further sessions. Mistress Ultra Violet went straight into session-mode as soon as i entered the very well equipped Atlanta Dungeon. Initially that surprised me a bit as i had expected a "consultation" talk first but my surprise quickly turned to pleasure and admiration as it became very clear that Mistress Ultra Violet had taken time to read and understand my desires from the initial email.For the next two hours i was treated to a wide range of Femdom activities, inclusive of a couple i had not tried previously but thoroughly enjoyed. Mistress Ultra Violet brought me to the edge early in the session and kept me there for the entire session. That's a testimony to how enormously talented and gifted She is and how passionate She is about Femdom and BDSM. Mistress Ultra Violet is, as many have already commented, a beautiful, elegant and gracious woman. She has impeccable style and manners while establishing and maintaining a natural supremacy. Above and beyond all this, She is also a very accomplished artist and business owner - very impressive considering her young age. i hope She will grant me further sessions and i am already dreaming about next session, maybe a double Dom session if She agrees."  -chris, June 2016
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